Submit GPCR probes today!

Although GPCRs are recognized as the most successful class of druggable targets in the human genome, marketed drugs modulate only about 80 proteins from this very large family. In recognition of their prominence in drug discovery efforts, we have prioritized GPCRs for our next strategic growth phase. We plan to identify chemical probes and best-available compounds for as many of these receptors as we can. We will also highlight commonly used but nonselective compounds (historic compounds) that researchers mistakenly apply as probes to study GPCRs.

Have you generated or used a high-quality probe for a GPCR? Submit or nominate them today! 


Each week, we aim to add new probes to our collection. We highlight some of our recent additions below:

Probe name    Protein target name

EED226                  EED 

A-1155463             BCLXL 

A-1210477             MCL1 

GSK-5959             BRPF1 

UNC2025          MERTK, FLT3 

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