New planets are cool, new probes, divine

We were awed this week when scientists reported the discovery of seven earth-like planets just 39 light-years away. This discovery highlights just how many exciting things remain for us to discover and explore. While discoveries of this magnitude are rare and should be celebrated, we believe it’s also important to celebrate the incremental achievements that make such awesome discoveries possible.

We believe every quality chemical probe has the potential to make an astronomical contribution to drug discovery and biomedical research. With that in mind, we are excited to be closing in on 150 chemical probes (>225 including historic compounds). Behind the scenes, we’re working hard to ensure we provide quality, curated data sets for a large number of tyrosine kinase probes that are in progress. In the coming weeks, we will be publishing more of these probes. We’re also working on probes targeting BCL2 and Bromodomain family proteins.

If you’ve generated probes targeting any of these classes, it’s not too late to submit them.

This week, we published:

eCF506 SRC

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