The Portal’s first day

Our new site is now live! Please visit the portal and look around. In addition to the site’s new look, we’ve added new content, including a lot more data about the existing probes, reviewer ratings and their comments. We hope that you will find the site friendly and helpful to use.

Although we’re very excited to bring you this updated portal, we are far from done. In the past few months, we’ve aimed to strike a balance between rapidly rebuilding the portal and interacting with advisors and potential users to learn as much as we can about how to make this site valuable. In the current iteration, we’ve rolled out only a handful of the features we’ve heard about. We plan to keep the updates coming. We will also continue to interact with our community, and we expect to keep learning more about what we can do to improve the site. Keep the ideas coming!

In addition to expanding the functionality of the site, it is now imperative that we grow the portal by adding new probes, both filling out the chemical probes that are active against protein target families that are already represented in the portal and by expanding the number of protein families that we cover. You can help us by submitting probes or nominating probes or proteins that are important to you. Please visit our Submission page so we can get you registered to submit a probe or so you can add your protein or probe nominations to our priority lists.

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