Charles E. Grimshaw

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Charles E “Ched” Grimshaw earned his BS in chemistry from UC Berkeley and his PhD in biochemistry with WW “Mo” Cleland at UW Madison. After post-doctoral studies at Harvard with Jeremy Knowles, he spent 14 years conducting NIH-funded research at The Scripps Research Institute, The Whittier Institute, and finally UCSD, before migrating to industry and Igen in 1996. At Signal Pharmaceuticals, which later merged with Celgene, Dr. Grimshaw directed drug discovery enzymology and screening, and helped manage several international collaborations. At Syrrx, which has been acquired by Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Grimshaw has held positions of increasing responsibility, most recently serving as director of biophysics at Takeda California.  Dr. Grimshaw’s expertise in mechanistic enzymology and structure-based drug design covers a broad range of target classes.