Paola Castaldi

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Paola Castaldi leads the global chemical biology team for AstraZeneca, championing and delivering effective strategies for the identification of novel chemical biology technologies with specific emphasis on the delivery of chemical probes for target identification/validation/engagement. She holds a PhD in synthetic organic chemistry from Imperial College London and persued postdoctoral studies in chemical biology at UCSD and in chemistry at Boston University. Over the last eight years, she has been involved in the identification of new targets for small molecules and in the elucidation of their mechanism of action (MOA). Paola worked at Makoto in Bedford, MA as the chemistry project leader and was a co-author of a patent describing agents that modulate novel oncology targets. She then joined Sanofi as a senior research scientist and project leader responsible for chemistry strategies towards target identification/validation and elucidation of MOA for Wnt and Kras oncogenic pathways. Later, she joined AstraZeneca where she holds her current position.